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Mrs. Nujaree service in market analysis

Our company contacted for assisting in research. Normally, our company will do research by ourselves. This is the first year that we used the outsource from other company. The results of the research is good and clearly see its accurate results. Moreover, it is not too expensive compare with its quality and I’ll definitely come for the service again next year.

Mr.Peache service in thesis (English)

I started using since drafting project due to a wrong writing and there’s so many parts must be edited. So, I’ve come to this company for recommendation by their experts. My topic was so specific and difficult to proceed. Now, I have passed the IS very well. Thanks for your recommendation and coaching the parts where I did not understand.

Ms. Sasikorn service in academic writing article

I’m a new teacher, I always faced academic article writing problems. The company gave good recommendations and they were coaching until I understand it more. Thank you so much.

Mr. Arno service in plagiarism check (Turn it in)

I was recommended by a senior in England. The distance is not an obstacle in contacting them. They are professional and able to reach easily. My work failed due to some parts a caught as plagiarism. So, it needed to be rewritten to be able to publish. Thank you so much for helping me.

Mr. Methee service in business plan

I contacted to help in writing a business plan to get a loan from the commercial bank. I already got the approval now. Thanks to Ms. Min and team members who helped me out and now I can run my business further.

Mr. Armon service in thesis (Thai)

Good services, project delivered on time, take care of the project until the completion. I’m very impressed.

Mr.Patcharapong service in thesis (Thai)

My senior recommended this company to me. Good services, the project delivered on time. I will definitely recommend the company to people.

Mrs. Surang service in thesis (English)

Good assistance. It is difficult to do the thesis. It is the final study year. I’m lucky that this place helped me so much. Thank you for the team assistance.

Ms. Pim service in transcription and translation

I am studying in England. I already interviewed the sample group, but I need someone to transcribe and translate them from Thai-English. I was recommended by a junior in Thailand. The performance is good, and the work is delivered on time. Thanks again.

Mrs. Linly service in dissertation (Thai)

I used service for field work and data collection due to many responsibilities so that I had no time for it. The outcome is good and satisfied. If there are any chances I will definitely use their service again.

Mr. Napat service in plagiarism check (Akarawisut)

My research was checked and it turned out to be over copied more than regulated. helped me in editing it and it is fine now Thank you.

Mr. Pasakorn service in informational research searching

I am studying in Ph.d and there were some language barriers which I’m not good at it. The outcome is very good, quick, and makes my easier