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Report and Academic Article

"Academic Article" refers to academic writings that analyze the topics and comply with theories by observing literature and systematically analysis for the support. The analysis results can be concluded on the specific topic. The format of the article consists of an introduction that demonstrate the reason or the source of issues which will be analyzed and explained, explanation or analysis  and conclusions with completed reference.

The “Research article” is a contribution to the researches or  derived from researches. This type of article is the summary of the research process to be short and concise for publication in academic journals, printing media or seminars. To publish research article, the content and accuracy must be screened and monitored by the specialist of the filed (Peer Review)      Besides, it has to be formatted for printing to meet the standards of the journal or Assessment Committee.

Our Academic Article and Research Service complies with publishing standard of TCI / Scopus, etc. with the guarantee of a team with lots of experience and knowledge.

•   Academic Report & Article Services are available in Thai, English, and Chinese. Our service covers writing article or academic report in finance, marketing, economics, and other related fields.

•   Contents writing service focuses on critical writing or original theory to make readers conform to it. It increases the data credibility.

•   Our team will hasten the information searching process in order to analyze and complete the contents. It will be easy to understand with all completed composition. It can be used for the conclusion with the correct and complete information as customer’s needs. We mainly use APA Style citation for the reference.

•   Quality and efficiency of the work are guaranteed for immediate use.

•   Delivered on time.


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