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Research Translation service                                             

(Thai- English, English-Thai and Thai-Chinese)

We offer professional translation service from Thai -English and English to Thai with the experienced translators who are qualified.  We certify the correct translation. We gain a lot of trust from small, medium and large public and private sector. The examples of document content are academic paper, contract, government, financial statement, annual reports etc. We deliver translation work on time without delay.

•   Translation work is not less significant than academic research. It might be different in some parts. The translation from Thai to English, English to Thai and Thai to Chinese will be no more a problem because we have experienced and skilled professional translators in many areas of knowledge; law, marketing, business management, political science, culture, religion, science, medicine etc.
•   The contents are easy to read.
•   Receive a quality translation without Plagiarism.
•   Guaranteed quality and integrity of the content.
•   Fast and convenient services at reasonable prices.

How Translation Process Work

•   Adding Line ID: thairesearchcenter or call us via phone 086-355-0752, 02-085-6664
•   Wait for our team support to inform the collection date.
•   Various payment channels and client must inform and attach the proof with date of payment.
•   Collect the work.
•   Provide your feedback to our translator.

Scope of Services

• Correct Translation Service available in Thai-English, English-Thai and Thai-Chinese.

• Translation by the team with knowledge and experience.For more information


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