Business plan consulting services

•   Do you know why we have to write a business plan?
Business plan is compared to your organizational goals which the plan must be arranged in advance for short term 1-3 years and long term 3-5 years to analyze the impacts of the business and to increase reliability for investors and bank loaners. Business plan indicates how your business is prepared ahead, product and services characteristics, target group, employees and workers, market analysis, returns, market strategy, product development and manufacturing plan, potential risk analysis and management, and financial plan. Our team will design all these to customers’ needs by analyzing probability of the project, obstacles of the company, and all documents will be prepared for you.

•   Loans guarantees are excluded from our services.

•   For customers who are interested in our business plan writing service; customers can determine the deadline of plan collection as desired.

•   We offer the business plan writing service at reasonable prices.

Scope of services

  1. Consulting for preparation of a business plan for bachelor, master, Ph.D. students of all institutions.
  2. Consulting for preparation of a marketing plan for bachelor, master, Ph.D. students of all institutions.
  3. Writing business plan service for bachelor, master, Ph.D. students of all institutions.
  4. Writing marketing plan service for bachelor, master, PhD students of all institutions.

The benefits for customers from using writing  business plan service

Business planning is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the business including knowledge and understanding, business details as well as business development opportunities in the future. It also reduces the risk of any wrong business decisions. Therefore, it analyzes the business plan and plan carefully to

support more understanding and realization of the business. This will help reduce barriers and increase opportunities to run a business successfully.


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