Designing Research Tools Service: Questionnaire and Interview

Tool Design Services Research survey interview.

Why do you need a questionnaire? !!! The questionnaire is a tool created to measure the opinions expressed or unknown facts. It will demonstrate the historical and present fact and predict future events, mainly in the form of a series of questions to measure a certain thing by urged questions to receive answers from persons. It is a popular tool used to measure affective domain.

•   We provide the design service of questionnaire and Interview which are the data collection tools which is possible in Thai, English, and Chinese.

•   Before designing questionnaire and interview our team need to examine your work in order to decide which data collecting tool is appropriate. The examination is done by studying the historical background and problematic statement, research objective, theory and sample group to analyze and design tools accurately for the relevant of information to conform to the research.

•   We offer designing research tools service at the reasonable prices.

•   Quality and efficiency of the work are guaranteed for immediate use.

Scope of Services

1. Questionnaire design service for all types of organizations and companies.

2. Complete questionnaire service for all types of organizations and companies

3. Interview design service for all organizations and companies.

4. Interviewing service for all types of organizations and companies.

5. Research tools service for all types of organizations and companies.

6. Writing lesson plans for all subjects. For more information


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