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Research, Dissertation and Thesis Editing Service

Research is the thinking process to search for new knowledge, prove the facts in order to analyze the results. Therefore, editing research is to amend existing facts to be correct. The editing service is guaranteed for accuracy by experts who have the knowledge, skills and experience.

•   Academic editing service including thesis, IS, research, report, and other academic text which are still incomplete by checking plagiarism or grammar or adjust language structure where customers are not satisfied of.

•   We provide assignment, coursework, research paper editing service for all types of contents. Its context will cover and conform to customer’s needs.

•   The process of editing; first we must look at all details of customer’s work to be able to adjust the chapter in need of editing. Customer is required to send original work file and describe all details to our team before the adjusting begins. The customer will be informed in which direction and part will be adjusted to create a common understanding and work effectiveness.

•   We offer Academic editing service; research, IS, thesis, and dissertation at reasonable prices.

•   Quality and efficiency of the work are guaranteed for immediate use.

•   Delivered on time.

Scope of Services

• Edit researches to fulfil customer’s requirements and correct based on the principle.

• Edit research,thesis and dissertation in Thaiand English by the team that has specific knowledge on each field. For more information


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