Research Consulting (Thai, Chinese, English)

  • •   IS, Thesis, Dissertation Consulting Service is available in Thai, Chinese, and English languages. We help customer’s thesis and research in all educational levels including bachelor, master, and doctoral degree in the field of psychology, medicine, nursing, humanities, sociology, management, political science and politics, leadership, economics, tourism and hospitality, and logistics etc. It includes Introduction (Chapter 1), Literature reviews (Chapter 2), Research design and Methodology (Chapter 3), Data analysis (Chapter 4), Conclusion, Discussion, Recommendation (Chapter 5)•   Our company is widely accepted and recognized in thesis assistance for bachelor, master, and doctoral degree. This is a reason why students choose our services.•   We offer more reasonable prices compared to others in the business.

    •   We offer in-depth consulting with fair and not at high prices.

    •   For customers who are interested in our consulting services; customers can determine the deadline of the collection as desired.

    Scope of services

    1. Independent study consulting service (IS) for master students of all institutions.
    2. Thesis consulting service for master students of all institutions.
    2. Dissertation consulting service in Thai, Chinese and English for Ph.D. students of all institutions.


Tel: 086-355-0752 , 02-102-4859
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