SPSS Tutoring

SPSS Training

We offer training program for SPSS. The knowledge can be used for customer’s benefit. The service offers both one-one and group training based on customer’s request. The training course focuses on uncomplicated content for good understanding.  The customer can apply the knowledge to their research after the completion of the training. The instructors are experts with specific knowledge, experience and high quality.

•   Research tutoring, SPSS tutoring in data collection and data analysis.
•   One to one or personal tutoring for better understanding or group tutoring for better price as customer required.
•   Tutoring inside a company or other locations.
•   SPSS consultation for free!
•   We offer research or independent study tutoring at reasonable prices.
•   After the completed tutoring students are able to operate SPSS by themselves.
•   Tutoring and teaching by professionals and experts.

Scope of Services

• SPSS training lessons with one-one or group training with the instructors who have the specific knowledge, experience and high quality.

•All types of research Training for all education levels’ students and people in general, available in one-one and group training.

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