Statistical Data Analysis Service: SPSS/ SAS / STATA / R and LISREL / AMOS / EQS

Statistical analysis SPSS / SAS / STATA / R and LISREL / AMOS / EQS

Data analysis Service with basic and advanced statistic programs such as SPSS / SAS / STATA / R and LISREL / AMOS / EQS.  Consulting service for research with experienced and professionals team from various fields for bachelor, master and Ph.D.

•   Our service provides statistical expert data analysis helps.
•   Professionals are in the high-level degree in economics, math, and various areas.
•   Our team is highly experienced in statistical data analysis
•   We provide a native English speaker to ensure you have no communication issues.

SPSS / SAS / STATA / R Data Analysis Service

•   Statistical analysis of frequency, mean, standard deviation, and percentage.
•   Mean Hypothesis, Z-test, and T-test
•   Analysis of Variance F-Test (ANOVA)
•   Parametric and nonparametric statistics
•   Chi-Square Test
•   Test of independent
•   Correlation Analysis
•   Sample Regression Analysis
•   Hypothesis Testing

LISREL /AMOS / EQS Data Analysis Service

•   Structural Equation Modelling (SEM)
•   Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA)
•   Multi-Group Analysis
•   Path Analysis (PA)
•   Hierarchical linear model (HLM)
•   Multi-level causal model

Scope of Services·

Statistical analysis service of SPSS / SAS / STATA / R and LISREL / AMOS / EQS·

Financial statements service by the experienced specialist.·

Provide SPSS service to fulfil customer’s requirements by a team of specialists.·

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