Transcription Service

Interview, Tape or Audio Record Transcription Service

We ensure quality of transcription service and guarantee to submit works without delay. The work will be put neatly in a word file with complete content by a qualified and experienced specialist.

•   We provide transcription service for tape, video, and seminar record in Thai, English, and Chinese. Our team will collect the audio or video files and transcribes for the understanding and accuracy in dialogue.
•   We have experts who obtained English proficiency (TOEIC) score not less than 750 and for Chinese proficiency at level 4-5.
•   We accept Audio, tape, or video in all formats (wma, mp3, mp4, etc.)
•   We are available 24 hours via email and 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. via phone.
•   Quality and efficiency of the work are guaranteed for immediate use.
•   We offer the transcription service at reasonable prices.
•   The transcription service done by transcription software.

Scope of Services

1.  Transcription in Thai and translation service from Thai to English.

2. Transcription in English with translation service from English to Thai.

3. Interviews transcription service.

4. Transcription service of meetings.

5. Transcription service of seminars.

6. Transcription service of narration on radio and television.

7. Transcription service of research tapes.

8. Transcription service of thesis tapes.

9. Transcription service of instructions in Thai and English. For more information


Tel: 086-355-0752 , 02-102-4859
Line ID: thresearch